The Koblenz group of companies that is simply different

We are an extraordinary, up-and-coming group of companies that unites a wide variety of industries from laser, military and night vision technology to software and Trades 4.0 under one roof. Sounds boring? On the contrary, because we are young, dynamic and networked.

Our companies and brands

What makes us special

We are regionally rooted. We are on a growth path. We value staying authentic. We take our work seriously but keep things relaxed. We are passionate about what we do. We accept every challenge, are determined and achieve our goals. Always.
Do you see things the same way? Then come to us. We are always open to cooperation, mutual exchange and bright minds who want to get involved.

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Three values drive us forward every day

1. Vision

... or long term. It helps when it comes to exploring paths and routes or any obstacles. In order to develop innovative and usable solutions in various areas of application, even ahead of the times, we don't just think of tomorrow, but also three days ahead. Guaranteed.

2. Digitalization

Yes, we know ... everyone is digital somehow. But applying digitalization in a targeted manner is something completely different. That is why we consider not only established, global structures, but also future trends in order to make our processes, products and services as intelligent, user-oriented and pragmatic as possible.

3. Regionality

We love Koblenz and everything that happens around it. That is why, in addition to day-to-day business, we are committed to implementing new, hip ideas for our city, responding to regional needs and at the same time stimulating the labor market. So why go to Cupertino when you can have Koblenz?